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Discover a world of consulting media excellence with STARS. As a trusted leader in media consulting and auditing, we provide cutting-edge services that empower marketers to maximize the impact of their media campaigns and investments. With a team of industry senior experts and a track record of driving remarkable results, we're committed to propelling your media endeavors to new heights.

Our modern consulting and auditing services include

All services are based on standardized products further fit to individual client needs

Media Auditing

Delve deep into the core of your media strategies with our comprehensive media auditing services and benmark databases. Our meticulous analyses based on proprietary Netscore® platform technology unveil hidden opportunities for optimization and growth, propelling your campaigns to achieve peak performance.

Media Consulting

Craft a media investment roadmap that aligns with your business goals. Our seasoned consultants collaborate closely with you to develop customized strategies that harness the latest industry trends and cutting-edge technologies.

Performance Tracking

In the fast-evolving media landscape, real-time insights are paramount. Our advanced tracking and analytics tools provide the clarity needed to make informed, split-second decisions that continuously elevate your campaigns.

Pitch and Contracting
Management Excellence

Navigating the complex agency ecosystem demands finesse. Our adept negotiators ensure you secure optimal deals in media pitch or in direct negotiations, maintain robust agency relationships, and derive the utmost value from your media investments. Revitalize your current agency contracts or forge new partnerships with expert pitch management services.


Unlocking unparalleled success in your media buying endeavors with our performance-focused analytical services. Our cutting-edge approach combines advanced data analysis with strategic insights, allowing you to optimize every aspect of your media buying strategy. Transform your media buying into a dynamic powerhouse of efficiency and effectiveness with our performance-driven analytics.

Unique Professional
Media Trainings

Empower your team with our comprehensive media training programs designed to navigate the complexities of today's media landscape. Our tailored sessions equip professionals with the skills to confidently engage with media agencies and publishers. Through practical exercises and expert guidance, we ensure your team is prepared to shine in any media scenario.

Our expertise and databases grow every day thanks to a collaboration with close to 90 advertisers in 50 world markets.
19 years
on the market (since 2005)
1000+ campaigns
analysed annually
50 markets
managed by us with partners
senior team (no juniors)

"The scope for which STARS was contracted for can be summarised as annual tracking o| media pricing & buying performance including AVBs/rebates/pay-factors and quality for all 12 Deutsche Telekom business-to-consumer subsidiaries in Europe across multiple agencies used in our media roster (...)

STARS has been an efficient and disciplined media auditing & consulting partner to DTAG. The STARS team has demonstrated a modern, innovative approach to auditing media, especially for a large-scale and sophisticated business like DTAG." ".

"In the fast-evolving and dynamic media marketplace, L’Oréal needs to have a trusted partner who is supporting us in media ecosystem and the Stars team support fully reflects our needs.

The Stars team has been delivering real value to L’Oreal in the area of media auditing and settlement services with a professional, collaborative approach."

The STARS Sp. z o.o. team is characterized by professionalism, experience and expert knowledge of the media market, individual approach to the Client, reliability and great commitment.

On the basis of past cooperation, I confidently recommend STARS Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy, reliable partner and media advisor.

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