Agency Pitches

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We have experience in carrying out tenders for selection of media agency, advertising agency, PR agency or TV production houses on many European and overseas markets.
Media agency pitch is an extremely demanding process, as it requires a lot of detailed elements for comparison. Guarantees and commitments must endure changing circumstances as the year passes, so templates must be flexible for any scenario. Complete pitch covers not only guarantees for cost & quality, but also precise media contract with certain financial liability and PRF system.

TVC Production Pitches

In case of TVC production we run pitches for production house selection and also conduct professional negotiations of production costs aimed at client budget optimisation. We are present at the shootings to verify if reality matches signed contracts and costs, we conduct post-production audits and we also deliver trainings on TVC production topics.


Agency Contracting

We are not lawyers. But we have close to 20 years experience in creating media agency contracts worldwide. GMSA, MSA, LSAs, LIAs, you name it! Our developed template guarantees agency’s liability for costs and quality and stability of the client team. We aim at motivating agency good work through various PRF systems and take care of advertisers security of data (especially online advertising data).Our contracting work is always screened by client-side lawyer before such agreemnt becomes a binding document.

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