Media Management

A comprehensive suite of solutions designed to optimize and streamline clients' media plans and campaigns.

This includes strategic planning, implementation, independent monitoring and post-buy verification, ensuring effective allocation of budgets across various channels. Consultants guide clients in making informed decisions related to media investments, leveraging market trends and emerging technologies. With a focus on transparency and accountability, the media management services aim to enhance clients' overall media performance and maximize their ROI.


How Does It Work?

"Consultants analyze media trends, and competitor strategies to optimise agency tailored media plans. By leveraging data analytics and industry expertise, consultants optimize ad placements across various channels to maximize reach and impact.


"Through ongoing monitoring and adjustment, they ensure the advertiser's message effectively resonates with the target audience, driving engagement and ultimately increasing ROI

Select media based on Target Audience

Make sure media plans are not build up principally based on trading deals but on real media consumption of your audience and broad selection of publishers.

Calculate costs based on your detailed cost guarantees

Set media plans on detailed agency cost commitments, so you do not overpay at the start

Monitor how the campaign performs

Do not wait until it is over. Intervene during campaign should the performance be below expectations

Reconcile the campaign at the post-buy

Check in detail if all cost and quality parameters were met, what is owed by you, what bonus you shall pay to or what penalty you shall claim from your agency.

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