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We audit all media. Period. We are ahead of the pack in digital audits and provide at the same time modern, curated and meaningful off-line audits.
Our work pursuits and demonstrates value for our clients, as this is what is expected of the audits. Results are detailed, with plethora of number-based facts and with actionable summaries and recommendations.

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Quadra™ Benchmarking

We take a deep dive into the agency work in your media buy, both in cost and quality aspects. For markets where we have the cost pools we can directly benchmark prices to the similar advertisers in spend. For markets where we get the access to syndicate research on competitive activity, we analyse jointly selected quality KPIs of campaigns to the whole market or to the quality pools in the absence of total market data – all of that in our sophisticated software platform to manage that for any medium in any market - Netscore. Thanks to this approach we are able to quantify the performance of the campaigns vs. not only competitors but the total maket.


Performance Value Tracking

Agencies commitments (pitch or non-pitch based) shall be delivered. Just 1% of under-delivery might mean losses in millions. But media buying is extremely complicated and so is tracking. Therefore we have created sophisticated software platform to manage that for any medium in any market - Netscore.

Our clients can easily check:

  • if the cost and quality media contract commitments were delivered;
  • if there is any outstanding value owed to them pending contractual liabilities set;
  • what are detailed savings calculations by medium any by market.

Audit Certification

Some of our clients require certification of the audit performance and we are more than happy to provide one stating the time and scope of the work delivered.


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